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Friday, October 31, 2008
trick or treat!
haha. so actually i'm back again. Posting on my blog. && this is my very 1st post for the month of October.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!. So guys, are you trick or treating out there? or just simply wearing your spooky costumes or visiting "Horror Houses" well. bwahahaha! (EVIL LAUGH.)

I just wanna share to you a "TAMED" little pet that was given to my Tito at San Rafael. Don't worry she's little and she's not WILD...YET!

Her name's JESSICA. A playful Bengal Tiger cub! :)
Isn't she adorable?
She's always brought to the plaza, like she's a STARIRAY ")

Last Octboer 24, I missed to be part of our school's UN Celebration program but I was part of the Documentary Making Contest and we won 3rd place. I went to San Rafael, in the province of Iloilo. My mom's helping for the fiesta. && that night, we watched the Coronation Program. My 2nd cousin, Kristine Olivia or better known with her pet name "Tingting" will have her final walk as last year's Fiesta Queen".

Thank You to Ellana! for giving me an award as one of the "Nicest Blogs". I really appreciated it. This is the logo:

I'll be up with a NEW LAYOUT* coming soon. Just stay tuned.

Aaaaah! My MEMORY CARD in my cellphone is NUTS!. My files there were all deleted (Songs, Images, Pictures etc.) haaaaay. It makes me MAD!
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Monday, September 15, 2008
pretty baby. LOL! :D
Yesterday, I watched Your Song: Someone Like You episode starring Aiko Melendez & John Prats. And the episode yesterday was about that blog-thingy of Carlo Guevarra. && yes, I found it!. it was hosted here in Blogger. I was really laughing hard when I read his blog that he wrote about his "Pretty Baby. Oh gosh! She was quite obsessed with her teacher. (Only in the tv show). To go to that blog click HERE.

So, that's all for now cause' I've got many things to do. :)
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
goodluck for tomorrow
We have no classes this afternoon. Cause' we were given time to study,review & reflect for our NCAE- National Career Assessment Examination and it will be.......TOMORROW! and oh yes, for the WHOLE DAY!!!. Our proctors will be coming from CPU- Central Philippine University and theirs from our school. You know, our school will be partners on the said event. And the question is, Do we have to study all these stuff for the NCAE?. I say, uh. YES?. Cause' I found it hard on the Mathematical & Scientific Ability parts. && yes, I am not good at these fields so I really have to study it. Seriously. Not joking! We only hit our chances on the Clerical, Non- Verbal & Manipulative Abilities since it only requires, "common sense". Example, figures which tells: "Which comes next" or "Find the difference". By just simply looking at those pictures, you would easily spot the correct answer. Yeah, really. :p

We also had a mass for all SENIORS. Argh!, the priest arrived late for about an hour. He kept us waiting inside the church. Practicing those songs that will be used for the mass && we were really exhausted. We kept on chatting,talking & babbling with each other and we were always caught by either our Class President or our Adviser. Finally, the priest arrived and yes yes yes, He celebrated the Holy Mass and guess what he did something unique. He blessed all our pencils that will be used during the examination. He even got a good homily, "Don't depend on the physical but depend what's inside". Get what I mean? Just like on the pencils, don't depend on them for it is only an instrument that we will use on the exam but depend on the "stored knowledge", your mind and everything you have studied for the exam. Yeah, I really agree on what he said. :)

Now I'm just here facing the computer. Cause' we have no class this afternoon. So I took a chance to tinker the WEBCAM check out these pictures of my things...LOL :D

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: (1)The brown envelope wi\hich contains all the thing I'll be using for the NCAE. (2) The 2 NCAE reviewers I'm using for doing exercises. (3) The 2 fully-blessed pencils I'll be using for the exam.

Oh well, I just have to say "GOODLUCK TO US ALL...!" and may the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds and guide us through getting the test. :)
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Sunday, August 24, 2008
new bed : new chair
Hi. I think it's been weeks since I didn't post on my blog. You know that I was kinda busy for some school activities and lazy because I spent my time putting stuff on my NEW CELLPHONE through my USB CABLE. (Themes, Graphics, Songs etc.)

Well aside of having a new phone (it's the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic) that my Tito bought for me. the RED one. I also got a new bed. Bigger and wider than the last one. Ok, from wood to steel type now. But yeah, but it occupies a great space in my room. So I have to change my chair into a folding stool. Cause the folding chair that I am using when either studying or doing computer work won't fit on the little space left by my new bed.

We bought it a while ago in SM City at Ace Hardware. Here is it:

See. It's plain and simple right? But it's FUNCTIONAL :))

I also spotted this cute printed BEACH CHAIR check this out:

It's kinda colorful and functional too. !

I thank my Photographic Skills for these pictures. ! LOL :))
I thank my cellphone for capturing these shots

Think I have to go, BYE FOR NOW :]
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Monday, August 04, 2008
another kind of post.
well not really. sort of. LOL :))

(during the highlights for our Nutrition Month Celebration)

-> practices && performances INCLUDED. (even though we didn't WIN.)
-> I thank Imageshack for the photo hosting
-> Me & Charles were not included in the photos [we didn't join]
I already mentioned it on my previous posts.

MORE PICS?. just go to my Multiply. the link is on my About Me section. thanks!

cause' I'm bored. Have to study for the exams. NEXT WEEK ALREADY! yikes.
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Trying Our Very Best
hi. We celebrated a while ago the highlights of the NUTRITION MONTH CELEBRATION with a Jingle Making Contest. Unfortunately, Me & Charles were not able to join the said contest for we have no time for practicing because we were too busy on our Digital Photoessay Contest at SEAFDEC yesterday. We were clustered with the Grade 8- SEAS. But unluckily, we had no place. Nobody cheered for our cluster. The section FAITH was the champion (even in the Grades 7 & 9) . (It's were our former classmates Donald & Adrian belong). The talents they got from their former section (SEAS 9) were shared to the regular now. But that's okay. At least our cluster tried their very best. They were in suspenders-type get-up. The dancers as well as the singers were like little children. Sooo cute. During their performance, We only acted as cheerers & photographers. If only I brought my USB Adaptor with me, then I'll be able to put/upload some pictures here & in my Multiply. Well, maybe some other time :)) Announcements for the winners of the Macot Parade, Essay Writing, Poster Making & Bulletin Board Making Contest will be on Monday (hope we could win any of these contests.)

Oh, about our Digital Photoessay Contest yesterday at SEAFDEC Fishworld we made an artistique type of poster thingy. But it was very nice after all. But turns out, when we printed it at the office of the FishWorld Curator, the pictures were blurry and pixelated. && we were given a chance to edit it to make it clear. (yes yes yes.). Thanks to Charles he made those pictures clear. By the way, we used Ms. Pahila's in working on our photoessay. We printed our finished poster at the Principal's Office. Thank heavens! Win or Loose, We tried our very best. Hope we would really WIN.

Happy 82nd Birthday to my Grandmother, Lola Vie. We prepared a little feast for her. && my tummy is full with all those food they prepared. ( particularly, The prawns, beef tips & spicy chicken wings...Yummy!) && yes, the Ice Cream. LOL :D

I have watched the Harry Potter 6 trailer and it was simple yet meaningful better watch in on Youtube.

WOOHOO!. "No class tomorrow" meaning, rest day for us all. The teachers and all the personnel will have their seminar. And this means, I could get enough sleep. Zzzzz.

Whew. I gotta go. :p
NDV ♥ coloured moments.
Thursday, July 24, 2008
don't kill but save lives.
hi hi hi. All 4th year high school students were required to go to the Freedom Grandstand in Plaza Libertad in the city proper of Iloilo to attend and join in the Prolife Pro Family Prayer Rally. It dissaproves the implementing of the Reproductive Bill passed by Iloilo 1st District Congresswoman, Janet Garin. And some of the topics were: [CAUTION: this need Parental Guidance]

*Abortion will be legalized (which is a big NO,NO!)
*Free Sex (or free use of contraceptives) etc.

And to all these, many people protested and were against this shall I say, immoral & stupid bill. Among those who protested were the Different parishes in Iloilo and also various Catholic Schools. We were allowed to make banners,placards & posters that depict our disagreement to the said bill. There were many speakers who shared their stories and thoughts about implementing that bill. A news anchor of ABS-CBN Iloilo interviewed one of our classmate, Janine about what can she say about this activity and Why she went there. But then she was told to answer it in Hiligaynon [Way to go Jaja!. Another CSJ discovery! lol :))]

As we rode in the jeepney (going & leaving) we played the "BREAK GAME". Genetics teacher, Ms. Pahila. && to that, we had lots of fun. ! Cause' it had a good original choreography led by our very own section's boy band,...the BACKSEAT BOYS!!!- means that some of our boy classmates were seated at the very back row. lol :D composed of:

Jun Michael, Ronato, Jaywardene (the leader), Ian, Regor & Jan Michael


We will also have our Flag Ceremony Sponsorship tomorrow and we will sing the English Version of our College Hymn. && on the afternoon, the contestants for the Fishworld contest will go to SEAFDEC in Tibgauan, Iloilo. (&& so I'm sooo busy.) Me & Janine were chosen to introduce a certain project for the Launching of Sabay Dampot on Monday. We will introduce the "Proyektong Ligtas Kalikasan". && We will gonna make our scrpt in FILIPINO!. Gee. Hope we can do it. And also I was chosen to be part of the Nutrition Month Celebration Jingle Making Contest...now how is that?.

Well. Think I hafta go. SEE YA'
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